Sunday, January 31, 2016

Zurich Train Station (Google)

Bahnhof Kirche/Station Church/Chapelle de Gare
Zurich Main Station,
Zurich, Switzerland

Entrance to Station Church (Link 1.)

"The Station Church in Zurich's main station is a ecumenical and inter-religious institution. It was in June 2001 as the first station Church of Switzerland inaugurated.

Sign Above Doors of Chapel (RW.)

"The aim of the station Church is to offer people space and time for prayer and conversations in the anonymity of the station.

Chapel Seating (Link 1.)

"Because of their status as interfaith church are in addition to the Bible and the scriptures of other religions and in different languages ​​Muslims a prayer rugprovided. The Station Church is visited daily from 300 to 500 persons. 40 percent of whom are men. On weekdays, five Christian find daily devotions held, one on Saturdays and holidays.

Chapel at Christmas (RW.)

"In the premises of the station church there is the possibility to during the opening times pastoral conversations. You can be anonymous and unpaid perceived without registration. Daily contact between five and ten people.

Station chapel Entrance (Link 2.)

"The Station Church is a joint institution of the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton Zurich and the Roman Catholic Church of the Canton of Zurich, the Association of stadtzürcherischen Reformed congregations and the Association of Roman Catholic parishes of the city of Zurich. It has an annual budget of approximately 500,000 Swiss francs." (Link 1.)

Photos: Taken in January 2016 on i Phone by RW while living in Basel Switzerland.
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God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Reformierte Kirche

Reformierte Kirche/Evangelische Remormierte
Brunnen, Schwyz, Switzerland

Brunner-red tear drop at east end of
Lake Lucerne, Switzerland (Google maps)

"Brunnen is a locality of the political municipality Ingenbohl and is situated on Lake Lucerne in district Schwyz the canton Schwyz inSwitzerland.
The place name derives from Fountain Middle High German  Bronn, bronnen from what, source 'or' sources' means. In the plane whether fountain that springs Leewasser from artesian springs with an impressive amount of water. This phenomenon is the origin of fountains as the name of the community." (Link 2.)

"Founded in 1886On October 10, 1886 committed Brunner have called the Reformed church community into being. Already 14 days later, on October 24, 1886, was the first pastor Max pipe which on the Schwarzenegg had its sphere of influence, to his office in Fountain.

1890 image from the construction of the Reformed Church Fountain <div class = 'url' style = 'display: none;'> / </ div> <div class = 'dom' style = 'display: none;'> ref-wells</div><div class = 'aid' style = 'display: none;'> 117 </ div> <div class = 'bid' style = 'display: none;'> 1182 </ div> <div class = 'usr' style = 'display: none;'> 18 </ div>
"1890 image from the construction of the Reformed Church Fountain" (Link 1.)
"The Reformed church community can look back on over 125 years of history.For the 125th anniversary of the church and the rectory well a new church history was published in summer 2015, which dates back to the beginnings of Christianity in the canton of Schwyz.The Reformation is also described how the reintroduction of the first Reformed in the late 19th century. In addition, reports can be found in the life of Brunner pastor since its foundation, the architectural history of the two churches and a description of the association's activities to this day. The richly illustrated book can be purchased for a donation after the services or the Parish Office / Secretariat.
Interior Reformed Church Fountain (before 1939) - The federal government Glass Pictures in 1940 replaced by window glass <div class = 'url' style = 'display: none;'> / </ div> <div class = 'dom' style = 'display: none ; '></div><div class =' ​​aid 'style =' display: none; '> 117 </ div> <div class =' ​​bid 'style =' display: none; '> 1183 </ div> <div class =' ​​usr 'style =' display: none; '> 18 </ div>
"Interior Reformed Church Fountain (before 1939): The federal government Glass Pictures in 1940 replaced by window glass" (Link 1.)
"Pioneering work in BrunnenNow began a period of intense pioneering work. Everything had to be rebuilt. The church events found in the Hotel Waldstätterhof, held at the Hotel Rossli and also in the old schoolhouse. In 1890, the first Protestant church was then ready for occupancy with parsonage. The inauguration took place on 6 July 1890. Previously lived pastors Max tube in a small apartment of bakery Hirt at Bahnhofstrasse. In 1931 took place the new community center and on 27 May 1968, the building permit for a new tower next to the church was granted. 1940 and 1990, significant renovations were made to the buildings of the Evangelical Reformed congregation.

Fountain altar <div class = 'url' style = 'display: none;'> / </ div> <div class = 'dom' style = 'display: none;'></div > <div class = 'aid' style = 'display: none;'> 55 </ div> <div class = 'bid' style = 'display: none;'> 131 </ div> <div class = 'usr' style = 'display: none;'> 35 </ div>
"Fountain Altar" (Link 1.)
"The Protestant Church Hilfsverein ZurichAn important role in the history and present of Innerschwyz plays the Protestant Benevolent Society Zurich, supported the communities in organizing and financing the Church's life. An interesting source of community history, the annual reports of the Benevolent Society, which the priest had to annually submit a report, from the interesting extracts were incorporated in the annual report of the Benefit Society. They bear witness to trace the history since the church planting.
"SchwyzAfter a temporary stop Soldatenbarracke could be used as a service station in Schwyz since 1945, the parish celebrated on May 18, 1958 the solemn consecration of the church in Schwyz" (Link 1.)

Top Photo: Taken in January 2016 on i Phone by RW while on  train ride from his apartment in Basel, Switzerland.
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God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cathedral of Saint Lawrence

The Cathedral of Saint Lawrence/
 (ItalianCattedrale di San Lorenzo)
Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano at southern tip of Switzerland 
(Google/blue tear drop)

"Side view of cathedral" (Link 2.)
"The church is known on this site from 818. In 1078 it was made a collegiata, becoming a cathedral in 1888. The original Romanesque building was oriented the opposite way to the present church, as is shown by remains of the apsediscovered under the current parvise. In the 15th century the church was expanded and the entrance moved to the present position, while the open roof was covered by a groin vaulted ceiling.
"There were extensive renovations in 1905-1910, when some Baroque chapels were demolished and the interior received frescoes by Ernesto Rusca.

"Facade" (Link 2.)

"The church's main feature is its facade, which was inspired by Giovanni Antonio Amadeo's Certosa di Pavia. It is made of white stone from Saltrio andViggiù and of Carrara marble, and is divided in three sectors by four false columns supporting the entablature. In the middle sector is the main portal and a large rose window with decoration of cherubs executed after 1578. The decorations of the portals' frames are of high quality, with figures of puttoes, birds and lion-protomes. The central portal, called the "Saints Portal", has five medallions with reliefs, depicting four saints and, in the middle, the Virgin with Child. Between the portal's frame and the entablature are two angels carrying torches, resembling the decoration of the Roman triumphal arches.
"Between the portals, inside square frames, are busts of the Four Evangelists and of the Kings Solomon and David. The entablature frieze has 17 figures, including biblical characters and the Sibyls. Also present are animal figures, while a restoration in 2002 showed traces of a fresco. The main portal of the Romanesque church is now moved to the sacristy.

(Link 2.)
"The bell tower dates, in its lower part, to the Romanesque church. The two upper storey are in the Baroque style with an octagonal lantern covered by a cupola, designed by Costante Tencalla." (Link 2.)

"Architectural styles:
  • Renaissance architecture
  • Gothic architecture
  • Function:
      Cathedral" (Link 1.)

Top Photo: Taken in January 2016 on i Phone by RW while on an 8 hour round trip train ride from Basel to Lugano, Switzerland.
LInk 2:


God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Canterbury Cathedral

Churches On Sundays
Year 2015


Canada-Alberta-Hythe-Valhalla Centre-Valhalla Lutheran Church, 5/31/15.

British Columbia

Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver District-Church Histories/Lynn Valley, 6/11/15.
Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver District-Posthumous Churches, 2/8/15.
Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver District-St. Simon's Anglican Church, 1/25/15.
Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver District-Booklets on File at the North
                           Vancouver Archives, Posthumous and Active Churches of North 
                           Vancouver City, North Vancouver District, and Adjacent Native 
                           Lands, 12/27/15. 
Canada-B.C.-City of North Vancouver, Special Feature/Robin's Diary, 7/11/15.
Canada-B.C.-City of North Vancouver, Sutherland Church/St. Timothy's 
                           Anglican Church, 10/4/15.
Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver, Article "Archivist helps history live forever",


France-Municipality of Monnetier-Mornex Haute Savoie-Church in Monnetier-
                Mornex, 9/3/15. 


Germany-Cologne-Cologne Cathedral, 1/11/15.


Italy-Magreglio-Madonna del Ghisallo, 5/17/15.

South Georgia

 South Georgia-Grytvika-The Whaler Church/Kirken I Grytvika, 2/1/15.


Spain-Andalusia-Seville- Seville Cathedral/Cathedral of St. Mary of the  See, 


Switzerland-Basel-Peterskirsch, 9/2/15.
Switzerland-St. Gallen-St. Otmar Catholic Church, 9/7/15.
Switzerland-Davos-St. Johann Reform Church11/22/15.
Switzerland-Zurich-Kirche Neumunster11/8/15.

United States

Cruise Ship-Vancouver B.C. to Inside Passage Alaska-Vancouver Cruise Ship 
                         Norwegian Sun-Chapel, 10/11/15.
Alaska-Juneau-St. Nicolas Russian Orthodox Church, 10/18/15.
Alaska-Ketchican-St. John's Episcopal Church, 11/1/15.
Alaska-Skagway-St. Therese of the Child Jesus Catholic Church, 10/25/15.

South Dakota

South Dakota-Rapid City-"Special Feature Remembrance Day"' 11/11/15.


Photo:Canterbury Cathedral ceramic coaster by RWL, London. Photo by SW.