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                                                                                              October 26, 2014

246 Ingram Street

Duncan United Church
Duncan, B.C. Canada

"Duncan (pop. 4,932) is a city on southern Vancouver Island in British ColumbiaCanada. It is the smallest city by area (2.07 square kilometres, 0.8 square miles) in the nation.[1] 

"The city is about 50 kilometres from both Victoria to the south and Nanaimo to the north.
"Although the City of Duncan has a population of just under 5000, it serves the Cowichan Valley which has a population of approximately 80,000, many of whom live in North Cowichan contiguous with Duncan. This gives Duncan a much larger "greater" population than that contained within the strict city limits. People in areas of North Cowichan bordering on Duncan usually use "Duncan" as their mailing city.

"Duncan is the seat of the Cowichan Valley Regional District. The name "Cowichan" is an anglicization of Halkomelem Quw'utsun', which means "the warm land".

"Duncan's tourism slogan is "The City of Totems". The city has 80 totem poles around the entire town, which were erected in the late 1980s. (Link 2.)

Stained Glass Window from Exterior

Stained Glass Window from Exterior

"A fascinating chronicle of the history of Duncan United can be found in our sixteenstained glass windows, thirteen in the sanctuary and the other three elsewhere in the building.  Crafted by artisans from England to the Cowichan Valley, every one has a story to tell.
Maple Bay Church - 1869

Maple Bay

"In 1858, the Methodist Church sent a party of missionaries from Toronto to Western Canada. On the coast, most travel was by boat and, in 1869, the Methodist Missionaries held the first week-long "Camp Meeting" in British Columbia on the beach at Maple Bay. Soon after, the first church was constructed by volunteers, a log building lined with tongue and groove lumber.
"The first resident minister arrived in 1873 and preached at Maple Bay, South Cowichan and Somenos one week and at Burgoyne, Vesuvius and the Midnight Settlement on Saltspring Island on the alternate Sunday. Travel to these points was by horseback and rowboat.
"The second Maple Bay Church was erected in 1893 and later was converted to a home, which still stands on Herd Road. The last service at this church was held in November 1930, at which time the congregation was welcomed by Duncan United Church.


"Somenos Methodist Church was built in 1878 and operated until 1928, when better roads made travel easier and members could travel to Duncan. The Municipality of North Cowichan bought the adjoining property and later took over the Methodist portion of the cemetery, now known as Mountain View Cemetery.

Alderlea Methodist Church

"By 1890, as the railway drew the population toward the settlement at "Duncans", a gathering was held at a home on Ingram Street, near the location of the present church. Over the next few months a decision was made to purchase property (for $25.) and erect a church on the lot at the corner of Ingram and Jubilee Streets. In July 1891, the congregation moved into their new home and in 1892, the interior was completed and painted. The total cost of the church was $797.10.

Duncan United Church

"The time of church union in 1925 generated much discussion and, although Alderlea Methodist voted solidly for Union, there were a large number of non-concurring members at St. Andrews Presbyterian. In the end, those members who voted for Union joined with the Alderlea congregation, while a government appointed Commission awarded St. Andrews church and contents to the non-concurring members for a sum of $250.00. It was agreed that in the best interest of Union, both ministers should leave and the new "Duncan United Church of Canada" called Rev. W.F. Burns in 1926.
"Rev. Burns' ministry of twenty years took the congregation through many difficult times, including "the Hungry 30s" and World War II. He was much loved and is remembered as "a citizen of Duncan and a friend to all" on a plaque in the church hall bearing his name. The "Good Shepherd" stained glass window in the sanctuary was donated in memory of Rev. Burns.

Duncan United Church Grows

Heritage Hall

"When the church hall burned down in 1935, it was replaced by the hall now known as Heritage Hall. After the burning of the mortgage in 1939, a fund was started towards building of a new church.
"The opening service for the new Duncan United Church was held on Wednesday, December 3rd, 1941, with the first Sunday service held on December 7, the day Pearl Harbour was bombed.
"After the war, a great influx of people resulted in crowding of hospitals, schools and churches in the area. In 1949, the Young Adults extended the hall - now the stage, Thrift Store and basement.
"In 1954, the church was lengthened to increase the seating capacity. This addition included an office (now the minister's office) and meeting space on the lower floor.
"In 1960, the church purchased the property just to the north of the hall, now the parking lot. Duncan United is located near to Duncan's former Chinatown and the property was the site of a laundry run by Mr. Jack Wong. A provision of the sale was that he would continue to rent the buildings from us and for three years, Duncan United Church was in the laundry business.
"In 1964, another building project was undertaken as the space between the church and the hall was developed to create the Christian Education Centre. This created Burns Hall, the office and nursery as well as room in the basement for the Sunday School's Primary department.

Sunday Worship 10:00 am

"In 2001, the sanctuary was renovated, replacing carpets, painting and reconfiguring the chancel area. As our worship style focuses more on including the children and lay people of our congregation, this new area accommodates our music team, dramas and other special activities." (Link 1.)

Note: September 1971 to June 1972, Suzanne Wilson and her family lived on Somenos Road in Duncan and attended Duncan United Church .

Photos: Taken in August 2014 by SW.
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Link 2:,_British_Columbia


God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

                                                                                                                         October 19, 2014

515 West Windsor Road

North Shore Pacific Grace MB Church
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

" The original chapel at 515 West Windsor Road and Sunday School rooms were constructed in 1955...and (it was) established as Delbrook Baptist Church  (REF.) The Building Permit book at the North Vancouver Archives indicates that a$27,000 permit was issued to build it.

"Before 1997, the only Chinese church presence on the North Shore (North Vancouver and West Vancouver) was some small Bible study groups. In October 1996, Pacific Grace Mennonite Brethren and Burnaby Pacific Grace Chinese churches in Vancouver received an invitation from some of their members on the North Shore to begin an outreach ministry there. Following an evangelistic Christmas lunch in 1996, several programs were initiated. In the next half-year, through evangelistic meetings, Bible study classes and home visits, 13 people accepted Christ. In June 1997, a team visited 200 homes in one week, inviting local residents to attend a musical evangelistic meeting on the weekend. About 100 people attended, and four accepted Christ.
"In January 1998, a core group of families from the two Pacific Grace churches began weekly Sunday worship services and various fellowship meetings for adults, youth, young working adults, post-secondary students and children. At Thanksgiving 1998, the group formally registered as the North Shore Pacific Grace Mennonite Brethren Church, with 32 charter members. The congregation joined the British Columbia Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches in May 1999.
"The church has had its share of difficulties. The worship service location changed a number of times in its history, and many activities have had to be conducted in homes because the church has no permanent meeting place. But God has used these home meetings as stepping stones to bring in new families living nearby. To Wang-Hui served as pastor of the church from its inception until July 2005, when he resigned for health reasons.  Abraham Lau became pastor of the congregation in November of that year. (Link 1.)

2013 Sign at The Bridge Baptist Church

2014 Sign at the North Shore Pacific Grace MB Church
 North Shore Pacific Grace MB Church rented space in The Bridge Baptist Church at 515 Windsor Road  for 15 years.  Then in 2014  they purchased it. During the rental a sign indicated  separate services are in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. (Link 3.)

See Blog Post 3/17/13, The Bridge Church.
Photos: Taken by Suzanne Wilson.
Link 1:,_British_Columbia,_Canada)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

                                                                                                                             October 12, 2014

2800 Mountain Highway

New Life Christian Centre
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

North Vancouver District records indicate that a the Pentecostal Assemblies applied for a Building Permit for New Life Christian Centre  in June 1973.  The planned cost of the building was $192,000.  An permit for an addition was applied for in 1981.  The results is a two story church with the Sanctuary on the first floor.


The front doors to the right of the tall cross lead to the Narthex and Sanctuary. The Chancel in the front of the Sanctuary is backed by a horizontal laminate beam.  A center canopy is the origin of draperies leading to and wrapping the laminated beam. Wrapping the front center Chancel are banks of light wooden pews.  The curve of pews is repeated in the curve of the balcony as well as its pews.

Note the flag of Israel on the left side of the Chancel.  The church has been a long time supporter of Israel.

Worship through music and song are a large part of services.  This is facilitated by the wall mounted speakers and space for the numerous musical instruments.  A large center screen providing lyrics unites the congregation in song.

Behind the large center screen is access to a view of the second floor full immersion baptismal font.


Adjacent to and with access from the west side of the Sanctuary is the Encounter Room.

North Wall of Encounter Room
(West of Sanctuary)

Hanging on South Wall of Encounter Room

Sunday morning worship services of song, healing, and a scripture based message are  held at 11:00 am.

New Life Christian Centre

Previous to being at this location at 2800 Mountain Highway in the District of North Vancouver, the church was at 124th West 8th Street in the central area of the City of North Vancouver.  (See Blog Post 7/1/12.)  The name of the church at that time was Elim Pentecostal Chapel.  In 1986  it was changed to New Life Christian Centre.

Photos: Taken in May 2014 by SW.
Reference: GEOweb, District of North Vancouver

Sunday, October 5, 2014

                                                                                                                    October 5, 2014

1840 Shingle Spit Road
Front Doors

Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church
Hornby Island, British Columbia Canada

Map of Hornby Island, British Columbia
Hornby Island, B.C.
(Google Maps)

"Hornby Island of British ColumbiaCanada, is a Northern Gulf Island parallel with Vancouver Island's Comox Valley....  The total land area is 29.92 square kilometres (11.55 sq mi)....A small community of 958 residents (as of the 2011 census) is distributed across the island.... In recent years the island has become a major tourist destination and its population easily quadruples in size during the summer months. Most people reach the island by taking a BC Ferry to Denman Island from Buckley Bay on Vancouver Island, and then a 30-car ferry to Hornby." (Link 2.)  (For more about this area see Blog Posts 9/29/13. 9/22/13,12/2/12, 5/15/11 and Demolition Mama Blog  Post 10/9/10.)

Church Sign at road entrance

"Holy Cross Church on Hornby Island was built on land donated by a parishioner in 1944 and officially blessed in 1950. This tiny chapel still has occasional services." (Link.) According to a notice posted in the Sacristy window, the services are held Sunday afternoons at 2 pm.  The church is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria, B.C.

Holy Cross Catholic Church
Side and Door to Sacristy

Side Window Panel of Sanctuary

 Hanging in Sacristy

Note: Snug in the bush next to the clearing for the church is the church outhouse.  This is the only church photographed by SW that has it own outhouse.

Church Outhouse

Photos: Taken in August 2014 by SW.
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God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)