Sunday, December 25, 2011

Churches On Sundays
Year 2011


B.C., Courtenay, St. Andrew's Pioneer Church, 5/15/11.
B.C., Metchosin, St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church 3/20/11.
B.C., Mill Bay, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, 9/25/11.

B.C., North Vancouver, Deep Cove United Church, Posthumous, 4/10/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, Lynn Valley Methodist Church, Posthumous, 1/30/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, Lynnmour United Church, Posthumous, 2/20/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St.-Clara-in-the-Cove Anglican Church 
                                               (Poshumous 2015) 4/3/11.

B.C., North Vancouver, Jehovah Witness Church, 2/27/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church 3/27/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, North Lonsdale United Church1/23/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, North Shore Christian Centre, 12/4/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Agnes Anglican Church, 2/6/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Posthumous, 
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Andrew's United Church, 1/9/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Catherine's Anglican Church,  1/16/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Clements Anglican Church,  11/23/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Edmund's Catholic Church, 6/19/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Pius X Catholic Church, 11/6/11.
B.C., North Vancouver,  St. Richard's Anglican Church,  1/2/11.
B.C., Vancouver, Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, 12/18/11.


France, Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral, 7/31/11.


Monaco, Monaco, St. Nicholas Cathedral, 5/29/11.


Israel, Sea of Galilee, Church of the Beatitudes, 8/21/11.


Italy, Rome, Trinita dei Monti, 6/5/11.
Italy, Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica,  4/24/11.


USA-Alaska, Savoonga, Savoonga Presbyterian Church, 3/6/11.

USA-California, Alameda, First Congregational Church/United Church of 
           Christ, 9/4/11.
USA-California, Alameda, First Presbyterian Church, 5/22/11.
USA-California, Alameda, St. Joseph Bacilica, 9/11/11.
USA-California, Cathedral City, Glory to God Ministries, 10/2/11.
USA-California, Cathedral City, St. Louis Catholic Church,  10/9/11.
USA-California, La Quinta, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 7/3/11.
USA-California, Palm Desert, Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church

USA-California, Palm Desert, Peace Lutheran Church of Palm Desert,
USA-California, Palm Desert, St. Margaret's Episcopal Church,  10/15/11.
USA-California, Palm Springs, Palm Springs Baptist Church, 11/13/11.
USA-California, San Francisco, Holy Trinity Cathedral, 7/10/11.
USA-California, Stanford, Stanford Memorial Church, 7/24/11.

USA-California, Woodside, Woodside Village Church, 12/11/11.

USA-Oregon, Ashland, First United Methodist Church, 8/7/11.
USA-Oregon, Baker City, St. Francis De Sales Catholic Cathedral Parish, 5/8/11.

USA-Washington, Port Angeles, First Baptist Church, 6/12/11.
USA-Washington, Spokane, Calvary Chapel, 8/28/11.
USA-Washington, Spokane, First Church of the Nazarene, 6/12/11.
USA-Washington, Spokane, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 10/30/11.

USA-Washington, Spokane, St. Aloysius Catholic Church,  3/13/11.
USA-Washington, Spokane, Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church,

USA-Wisconsin, Kaukauna, Trinity Evengelical Lutheran Church, 11/20/11.
USA-Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Bay View United Methodist Church, 7/3/11.
USA-Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Christ Church UCC, 8/14/11.

Vietnam, Saigon Hochiminh City, Saint-Marie Cathedral/Saigon Notre-Dame
          Basilica, 9/18/11.

                                                     Special Edition
USA-USA Memorial Day, "The Wall", 5/30/11.
USA/Canada, Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day, "The Wall", 11/11/11.
                                                Suzanne and brother Mark, 1944
Photos: Top photo  taken in 2011 by SW.  A photo of a musical church
                 Christmas ornament given to Suzanne in the 1980's by her brother
                 Mark Frank.
                 Bottom photo taken by Orville Frank, father of Suzanne and Mark
                 Frank, and modified by SW.  A 1944 Christmas photo of Suzanne and
                 Mark in the living room of their home on Logan Avenue in
                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christ Church Anglican Cathedral
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

North View of Christ Church

"Christ Church Cathedral, in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the cathedral church of the Diocese of New Westminster of the Anglican Church of Canada. The Cathedral is located at 690 Burrard Street on the north-east corner of West Georgia Street and Burrard Street, directly across from the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

"The first service was held, without a church building, on December 23, 1888 at 720 Granville Street in the town of Vancouver. Later, on February 14, 1889, a building committee was formed to collect the necessary funds for the erection of the church. It would be located on land bought from the Canadian Pacific Railway ...

                                             Christ Church 1889 "Root  House"

"By October 1889, Christ Church′s basement was built and on October 6, the opening service was held for 52 parishioners. The joy of a new church did not last forever. By 1891 the CPR objected to the unfinished building that had quickly been nicknamed the root house. It was viewed an “eyesore” and the parishioners feared they would lose their location due to lack of funds to complete the building. Robert Mackay Fripp (architect) submitted a proposal for completion of the church, 1892.

"A financing scheme was developed by a parishioner and the cornerstone was finally laid July 28, 1894, and the church dedicated, Sunday February 17, 1895. The church was built in the Gothic Style with ceiling made of cedar planking and ceiling beams and floor constructed out of old growth Douglas fir.

                                                                      Sanctuary 1895

                                                                  Sanctuary 2011

"By 1909 the first expansion was done and by 1911 the first organ had already worn out, it used a human blower hired at $5 per month, and was replaced by a new organ manufactured by Wurlitzer. In 1920, electricity replaced candles for lighting, and in 1930 the lanterns now in the church were installed.

"In 1929, the Archbishop of New Westminster constituted Christ Church as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese. The church planned to build a bell tower, but in 1943, the city by-laws were changed to restrict church bells.

"In 1949, after many building alterations, the Casavant organ was installed. Constructed partially of war surplus parts...and remnants of the Wurlitzer, the instrument served well but had a problematic history. Spring and Fall 2004 saw the installation of a Kenneth Jones tracker organ in the south gallery of the renovated Cathedral. Comprising a three manual console and 2500 pipes, 1700 salvaged from the Casavant, it is the first Christ Church Cathedral organ custom built to speak with optimum effect in the sanctuary.

Organ on South Wall of Sanctuary Balcony 2011

"In 1971 the church membership voted to demolish the building and replace it with a hi-rise tower complex designed by Arthur Erickson. This redevelopment was opposed by the public and in 1976 after much lobbying; the cathedral was named a Class A Heritage building in the municipality of Vancouver and The Province of British Columbia.

                               Stained Glass Window on West Wall of Sanctuary

                                Stained Glass Windows on East wall of Sanctuary

"In 1995 an eleven year program of Restoration and Renewal was begun. Christ Church Cathedral is the Regimental Church of the Seaforth Highlanders and is in the process of being designated Regimental Church of the BC Regiment, Duke of Connaught's Own. It is also the church at which the British royal family worships when in Vancouver. (See Link.)  The 32 stained glass windows were made in England and Canada.  Most of them are memorials. (See REF.)
Photos: Taken in November 2011 by SW.
Reference and "Root House" and "1885" photo taken from  pamphlet "Christ Church Cathedral, A Brief History"



God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Woodside Village Church
Woodside, California

"The small town of Woodside, California is said to be the oldest English-speaking settlement in the Southern part of the San Francisco Peninsula. The first English-speaking settlers arrived here in the 18th century to log the rich stands of Redwoods. The Mexican and Spanish settlers of roughly the same period gave Spanish place names, like Sierra Morena (Brown Mountain) and El Corte de Madera (the place where timber is cut). In 1849, during the California Gold Rush, 20-year-old Mathias Alfred Parkhurst purchased 127 acres of timberland and called it "Woodside." That is the name that stuck. Around 1838 Charles Brown built the first saw mill here and by 1850 there were a dozen mills producing building materials for a burgeoning San Francisco, where housing was more precious than gold. Timber would be floated to the city on the waters of the Bay from a venue east of Woodside, now called Redwood City. Woodside continued as a center of the timber business until that business began to decline towards the end of the century.

"Then Woodside became the center of wine production for California. By 1889, 800 acres of vineyards were producing and in 1916 wines produced in this region won recognition as the best in the state. Indeed, the California wine industry started here when the Hungarian "Count" Harasthy founded the Buena Vista winery just north of the present village. That winery has long since moved to Sonoma where it continues producing its celebrated wines. Woodside has lately been restored to its position as a premier wine area, especially by the products of Woodside Vineyards, property of one of our church members.

                                1893 Church Sanctuary, now used as the Chapel

"In 1889 the Congregational Church of Redwood City opened a Sunday School in Woodside, at the time when the first of the great mansions, which are now so prominent a part of Woodside's identity, were being built. The Pastor of that church, L.D. Rathbone, organized a Sunday school to meet in Scout Hall in the village. In April of 1891, the people of Woodside decided that they wanted a church of their own and three men from the community joined the Redwood City congregation with the express purpose of promoting a church in Woodside. In 1893, a committee of five, three from Woodside and two from Redwood City, were authorized by the church to solicit subscriptions for the new church. W.C Bowman and George C. Ross donated a lot measuring 50x100 feet; construction started on March 17 and was completed and the church dedicated on May 21st, 1893. The cost of construction was $1,200 and the church opened free of debt, with $19 remaining in the construction account. This building, beautifully refurbished for the centennial in 1993, is still in use as a chapel.
Chapel Pulpit Detail
"In 1961, we dedicated a new and larger sanctuary. With the coming of J. Hood Snavely as minister in 1954 the congregation entered a phase of significant growth and expansion of the physical plant. Since the period of his ministry, 1954-1963, when the number of members doubled several times, we have expanded and contracted." (Link)

                                                               Courtyard Cross

The original 1893 Congregational Church, now used as the Chapel of the Woodside Village Church, the new 1954 Sanctuary, and the Courtyard featuring the large wood cross sit on the north side of the main road through the village of Woodside, at 3154 Woodside Road.

Photos: Top photo from Link
                All other photos taken in 2011 by SW.



God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

                                                                                                                           December 4, 2011
                                             East 14th Street Sanctuary Entrance

North Shore Christian Centre
North Vancouver, B.C.

"Founded upon a vision received from God, a small group of pioneers, out of a home meeting, formed the North Shore Christian Centre.

"The Inglewood Community Centre, in West Vancouver, became our place of worship for the next three years. By this time approximately 70 people were attending church regularly and it became evident that we needed a place where we could meet together during the week for Bible Study and Prayer.
In the summer of 1984, we purchased the actual church property where we are now located. (at 1400 Sutherland Avenue in the City of North Vancouver, B.C.)

"Due to God's increase and blessing, we have expanded our facilities to accommodate our growing needs.

"We are dedicated to the training of young men and women to fulfill the calling of God in their lives and to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in our generation." (Link.)

1400 Sutherland Avenue Entrance
Original Entrance to the Evangelical Free Church

The Evangelical Free Church was the original building on the corner of Sutherland Ave. and East 14th Street.  It can be seen as the right, lower building in the Sutherland Ave. Entrance photo above.  According to the City Directories at the North Vancouver Archives The North Vancouver Evangelical Free Church first met in the home of its pastor the Rev. Emil G. Axene at 1416 Sutherland Ave. in 1949.  In  1952 a separate building  is listed for The North Vancouver Evangelical Church.  It is listed as being on the east side of the 1400 block of Sutherland Ave.  The minister was Rev. E. G. Axene. 

In 1984 the North Shore Christian Centre purchased the property and The Evangelical Free Church building was used as its sanctuary.  Work bees of volunteers from the congregation then added the higher section of the building pictured on the north side of the building.  This area in now includes the church office,  and the hall to the sanctuary.   The Prayer Room is the old sanctuary that was the original Evangelical Free Church.  

                                   Prayer Room of North Shore Christian Centre
                                 Original Sanctuary of Evangelical Free Church

Next the work bees constructed much of the new sanctuary wing that is in the top photo. Inside the triple front doors is a foyer leading to the sanctuary.  The pews are arranged in a semi circle with a stairway on the west wall leading to the balcony.
                                       Sanctuary of North Shore Christian Centre

Previous to construction stained glass windows from another church were purchased at an antique shop.  Three of these can be seen in the top photo as they sit above the triple front doors to the sanctuary. Three others are in the sanctuary on the north wall at the level of the balcony. At the level of the balcony on the west wall is a large, approximately 6' X 8', painting of Jesus and the Disciples in their fishing boat on a stormy Sea of Galilee. (As described in the Book of Matthew 8:23-27.) This  dynamic painting was done by one of the members of the congregation.

Three Sanctuary Antique Windows

Jesus and Disciples on Sea of Galilee

The format of the Sunday worship service is "Open Forum" with spontaneous participation by the members of the congregation.  The "Visitor's Guide" outlines "scriptural methods of worship to God" based on the Book of Psalms.

                     Sketch from North Shore Christian Centre "Visitor's Guide"

The format of the Sunday worship service is "Open Forum" with spontaneous participation by the members of the congregation.  The "Visitor's Guide" outlines "scriptural methods of worship to God" based on the Book of Psalms.

Photos: Taken in 2011 by SW.
                 Black and White photos taken in 2004 are on file at the North
                 Vancouver Archives.
                 Color photo in Y2K Project on file at the North Vancouver Archives.
Appendix: Research on Evangelical Free Church available on request.
Thank you: To members of the congregation for sharing information
                about the church.



God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)